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Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00 AM "Life 360" with Courtney Peace @Diamond

LIFE 360 brings some of the most exciting and industry leading fitness cycles in the country. Our new fitness training for adults “LIFE 360” brings a cutting edge system for you to have the opportunity to break into a life with regular workouts. LIFE 360 introduces you to a totally new concept of workouts guaranteed to make you come back for more. If you are looking for new start, LIFE 360 is the class for you.  Our mixture of total body strength and cardiovascular training, as well as functional training comes together in an all new and exciting workout that prepares you for regular training and a physical well being. Learn what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, why it's important to do it that way.

Fridays, 10:00 AM "Morning Zen" with Jennifer Venable Austin @Diamond

Price: $12/class or $40/month

Morning Zen is a Yoga class designed to meet you where you are. This is the perfect compliment for those who have other established workouts or athletics in place, as well as those who are just beginning! Our focus will be range of motion, with special attention on backs and hips. Class will use a Hatha Yoga base, as well as the flow movements of Sun Salutation. Designed to be uplifting, not intimidating, Morning Zen is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility training. The class will revolve around the body and mind principle, teaching class members to listen to their mind to find their range of movement for a given day. All are welcome and invited!If you are recovering from injuries, join us as long as they have been medically cleared. Contact 865-591-5425 for questions or concerns.

Fridays, 11:00 AM "Beginner Hatha Flow" with Kachelle O'Connor @ Diamond
Price: $12/class or $40/month

The goal of this class is to improve flexibility, strength, and balance and to promote improved general health by increasing blood flow into organs, detoxifying the body.  We will flow through beginner and basic strength and flexibility poses, while focusing on our breath and mindfully being aware of our individually unique bodies. All ages and levels are invited and welcomed.  If you are recovering from injuries, join us as long as they have been medically cleared.  Contact 865-660-8090 for questions or concerns.


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